Vision and Impact

Bergen Volunteers turn caring into meaningful action by engaging volunteers to improve lives and strengthen the community. We envision a thriving Bergen County where individuals are civically active in their community.

Improving Lives

The Improving Lives Team enlists, trains, matches, and supports volunteers to respond to specific needs of youth, families, and the elderly. Our programs are teamed together into two initiatives: Successful Aging and Successful Families. Both teams strategically shares resources and create a strong vision for how seniors can successfully age in place and ensure that all families are successful and thriving. 

Successful Aging

Successful Families

Strengthening Community

Strengthening Community promotes the importance of civic leadership and engagement by providing opportunities for individuals, families, groups and local companies to give back to their community. As Bergen County’s #1 relationship builder, Bergen Volunteers understands community needs and how to support them through civic engagement and volunteerism. We help all of Bergen County, including youth, seniors, economically disadvantaged individuals and the nonprofit community overall. Volunteerism improves the quality of life for everyone in Bergen County, those receiving support and as importantly, those providing support through time, concern and talent.

Bergen Volunteers

64 Passaic Street

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Bergen Volunteers is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.