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Closter Nature Center

Closter Nature Center is looking for both volunteers and Trail Maintenance Leaders and volunteers. Leaders will lead a small group of volunteers (teens and/or adults) to complete specific tasks along the Center’s three-plus miles of trails. Projects include the removal of invasive species, trash removal when the stream overflows its bank after heavy rains, shifting brush and branches that may have obstructed trails, and reporting to the trail maintenance supervisor any other emergent issues that need to be addressed.


Trail Maintainers will be responsible for regularly maintaining the three-plus miles of trails at the Closter Nature Center. Two-hour-a-week commitment is preferred. This commitment can be broken into two one-hour segments and done at your convenience any day of the week. The Trails Supervisor will provide areas to be maintained before starting. Learn more here,

Love Horses? Lesson Volunteers Needed at Pony Power Therapies

Pony Power Therapies is looking for volunteers to assist with our therapeutic riding lessons. Volunteer with Pony Power this spring! Volunteers with and without horse experience are welcome.

We have openings for: Lead Walkers and side Walkers. Please visit here for a listing of complete dates needed for volunteers and training information.

Jewish Family

and Children’s Services

of North Jersey

Jewish Family and Children’s Services of North Jersey has a need for volunteers to work as Friendly Visitors, Kosher Meal Delivery, Telephone Reassurance and more! Please visit their age to learn more about these exciting volunteer opportunities



Meals on Wheels is looking for help with their website and social media. They are interested in a volunteer who can help with web design and updating, as well as social media (Facebook, etc.). Can be done off site. To learn more visit here.

Volunteer Spotlight: CHEER Volunteer Alyssa Ginley My name is Alyssa and I live in Mahwah, NJ. I'm 29 years old and volunteered for CHEER in 2019 and have been matched with my client Italia who I've grown very close with over the past few years. Why did you want to become a volunteer? I wanted to become a volunteer because I had spare time and wanted to do something to be in service to others. I work full time and spend my other time outside running or reading, but I felt like I had more to give. What led you to Bergen Volunteers? I started googling ways to volunteer in the area and when I came across Bergen Volunteers, the CHEER program spoke to me. The idea of anyone unable to grocery shop for themselves due to their circumstances was something that I took for granted myself. Doing something so simple and routine as grocery shopping felt like a drop in the bucket of ways I could volunteer. How has your volunteer experience been so far? I started to build a relationship with Italia and now spend one day a week grocery shopping, unpacking groceries and spending time with her. She always thanks me for being so friendly and smiley and it really does remind you that 'giving back' doesn't necessarily have to be large gestures. You don't have to have thousands of dollars to donate, sometimes your time and a friendly smile can uplift someone's entire day and outlook. Has there been a moment, while volunteering for Bergen Volunteers, that has inspired you or moved you? I've participated in the All Wrapped Up program where volunteers anonymously get paired up to donate holiday gifts to those in need, but I was never able to see their reactions. So this year my client received anonymous gifts from her donor and I was able to watch her open them up and she was just delighted! Seeing how a generous donor made her day reminded me why I do it every year. What has been the best experience you have had volunteering? Getting to know my client and her family when we visit at the same time has been such a nice part of this experience. Hearing stories of how she grew up and looking at old pictures with her has reminded her of all of the good times and what a full life she has. I'm glad I've been witness to someone reliving their 'good ole days'. Would you recommend volunteering with Bergen Volunteers to others? I would highly recommend anyone who wants to volunteer to do so. No act is too small, anything you can do can make a difference counts. If you're looking to change your attitude or perspective, the best way to do it is through service to others. You may volunteer as a way to help others, but somewhere along the way you realize you're helping yourself too. Text Link

Alyssa delivering an all wrapped up gift to her Cheer client.jpg

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