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In 1977 we introduced the Mentoring Program and since then have connected over 4,000 children and 500 caregivers with dedicated and supportive mentors.

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Saturday, November 11th.
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We are very much in need of male mentors!

Bergen Volunteers’ Mentoring program provides individuals with one-on-one long and short-term support. Our staff and volunteers help mentees learn about the resources available within the community while tapping into their strengths to identify and strive towards specific personal improvement goals.


Our long-term mentoring program runs for 12 months and matches volunteers with:

  • Youth 8 – 18+

  • Caregivers  (parents, guardians, foster parents, grandparents, people caring for a senior)

  • First generation college students 


Our short-term mentoring program runs month-to-month and is designed to provide bi-weekly phone check-ins to senior citizens.  We match:

  • Seniors to Seniors (high school seniors to senior citizens)

  • Adults to Senior Citizens

For more information contact Lisa Tredici

201.489-9454 - ext. 208

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to become a mentor?

Volunteers enrolled in our long-term program must be at least 21 years old, complete an interview and criminal background check, as well as attend our 8 hour training course. Ideal candidates are great listeners, non-judgmental, resourceful, and have a generous heart.


Volunteers enrolled in our short-term program can be high school seniors or adults, complete an interview and attend a condensed version of our longer training course.


How do I become a mentor? 

Complete the Community Programs Volunteer Application.  Once reviewed, a staff member will reach out to you.  Click here for an application:  


Who is eligible to become a mentee?

The program is open to the public. Anyone who needs extra support within our age framework is eligible. We also partner with community agencies to refer mentees to Bergen Volunteers.


How do I become a mentee?

Complete the Mentee Application. Once reviewed, a staff member will reach out to you. Click here for an application:


How long is the commitment? 

Once matched, volunteers enrolled in our long-term program should be expected to meet for 2-3 hours twice per month over a 12 month period, with an option for annual renewal. 


Once matched, volunteers enrolled in our short-term program, should be expected to make calls up to one hour two times a month, with monthly commitments.

Can my meetings be virtual?

Meetings within the long-term program can be all virtual, all in-person, or a combination of both. We support your comfort level.


All meetings for short-term mentoring are via telephone or any virtual platform.


How much does the program cost?

We charge a low fee to help us offset our expenses and complete our mission. For those who cannot afford to pay, we offer scholarships. We encourage our community to donate to our mentoring programs to help us support even more people.



Mentors pay $50 to cover their training costs and also pay the administrative fee for their background checks.



Long-term - $30/month

Short-term - $10/month

Participation through a partner agency is free to mentees. 


Agencies (long-term only):

Agencies pay a fee of $500 annually for each referral accepted into the program.


Are volunteers compensated for their time?

We do not provide compensation for time, but since our program is goal-focused, we may provide reimbursement of an activity that directly supports set goals. Mentors must obtain prior approval.


Where can we meet?

Typically the initial match meeting is done at Bergen Volunteers.  During the pandemic, we have met virtually.  Subsequent meetings occur out in the community. We offer suggestions for (and encourage) free or low cost activities.

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