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In 1977, we introduced the Mentoring Program. Since then, the program has connected over 4,000 children and 500 caregivers with dedicated and supportive mentors.

Bergen Volunteers’ Mentoring program provides individuals with one-on-one long and short-term support. Our staff and volunteers help mentees learn about the resources available within the community while tapping into their strengths to identify and strive towards specific personal improvement goals.


Our long-term mentoring program runs for 12 months and matches volunteers with:

  • Youth 8 – 18+

  • Caregivers  (parents, guardians, foster parents, grandparents, people caring for a senior)

  • First generation college students 


Our short-term mentoring program runs month-to-month and is designed to provide bi-weekly phone check-ins to senior citizens.  We match:

  • Seniors to Seniors (high school seniors to senior citizens)

  • Adults to Senior Citizens

For more information, contact Lisa Tredici

201.489-9454 - ext. 208

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