"Hello? Hi!  It's Thursday, I am at work."


John was on his cell phone in the stairwell at the Volunteer Center.  Now, technically, John "retired" over 16 years ago. And yet, he was "at work" as a Chore Volunteer, picking up his assignments for the day, his Thursday crew and a van full of supplies to install grab bars, fix leaky faucets, install air conditioners and bring cheer to senior citizens throughout Bergen County.


This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Chore Service.  40 years of dedicated volunteers keeping seniors and the disabled safe in their homes. In 2016, our Chore volunteers installed 1,627 grab bars and performed over 6,300 total repairs! Their willingness to volunteer their time and talent saved our clients approximately $450,000, if they had had to pay for the services Chore performed.


And yet, what every Chore volunteer talks about is not the good they do--but how good they feel doing it. They  are grateful for the opportunity to serve others.


Chore clients write to us all the time to thank us for the grab bar or the new banister, but mostly they write to tell us how delightful the Chore volunteers are, how they cheered them up and made them laugh.  One client wrote that her husband had been very handy and liked to fix things around the house.  She said having the Chore volunteers puttering around brought back good memories and helped her to miss her husband a little less that day.


Chore is one of the best examples of turning caring into meaningful action I have ever seen. When Chore volunteers are "at work" Bergen County is a community of pride.

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