50 Years Young


Welcome to the Bergen Volunteer Center!


Here, we are proud to Redefine Volunteerism.


Our brand of volunteerism is skilled, trained, compassionate, generous, and focused to make a significant and meaningful impact.


Imagine the fabric of our community without Volunteers:

  • Our children would miss out on positive role models. Nonprofits would have no board members.
  • Our towns would have no elected officials.
  • And in some municipalities, emergency calls could go unanswered.
  • The social safety net would be frayed.


Volunteerism, time, talent and treasure, is truly the heart of our community.


And so this is why, today at 50, we are not getting old—we are just getting started.


Join us as we continue to Redefine Volunteerism, because when

Bergen Gives Back, We Give Back with Impact.





Contact Us


Bergen Volunteer Center

64 Passaic Street

Hackensack, NJ 07601




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