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Executive Coaching

Our seminars include executive coaching and training. During this leadership training segment of the class, executive coaches train participants on topics geared towards making them effective leaders.  

Our Class of 2023-2024 Coaches
DeeDee Kramer

DeeDee Kramer has more than 20 years of line, staff and management consulting experience to bring to her work with individuals and organizations. She brings a creative approach to consulting, along with extensive experience in the areas of executive coaching, organization design and development, and organizational change.

Her work ranges from executive coaching to the organizational design and development. In addition, Ms. Kramer has been credited with her partnering with her clients in several major change initiatives.

Ms. Kramer has done graduate work in Organizational Psychology at Columbia University. She has served as an adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Management and Urban Professions at the New School in New York City. She has also served on many panels and has made presentations to both academic institutions and to human resources professional organizations in the area of Organizational Effectiveness.

Ann Meyers Piccirillo

Ann Meyers Piccirillo a Senior Vice President of HR leading all global people operations for JDA
Associates, a managed services firm with operations across the globe. Prior to that, she led
People Strategy and Operations for Consulting Operations, Global Technology & Business Sales
Operations across North America, EMEA and APAC for Gartner. While with Gartner, she also led
and facilitated executive leadership training and coaching, and established the global DEI
leadership advisory council setting best practices for selection and appointment process, and
the implementation of programs designed for inclusion and belonging.

Ann is also very active within the non-profit community where she is the Board President of
Bergen Volunteers and has a seat on the Executive Committee for the Center for Hope & Safety.
She is a 2018 graduate of Bergen Leads. She is also a mentor and sponsor for Rutgers Business
School’s Women Build Program, and the founding member of two employee resource groups
centered on women in leadership, and employees with disabilities and caretakers.

Michele Brown

Michele has 25 years of corporate leadership experience focused on transforming individuals and teams to achieve superior strategic business outcomes. 

Michele is a Certified Behavioral and Values Analyst and TriMetrix ™ Specialist, which she uses in her executive coaching, leadership development, and skill building programs. With a unique assessment expertise, Michele specializes in leadership development and executive coaching. Her high impact development efforts center on developing leaders by gaining an in- depth understanding of the skills needed to execute the role, the current skills of the leader, and the gaps that need to be addressed. Michele is known for delivering frank and revealing feedback with compassion and a focus on results. She provides assessments for a wide range of organizational needs.

Michele is a proud graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10.000 Small Businesses Program.

Doug Brown

Doug is the Chairman and CEO of Paradigm Associates LLC, a company he founded in 1985, and is now represented by professionals in multiple states across the US.

He was a columnist for American Executive magazine whose readership was C-Suite executives running organizations of $50 million and up. In addition, Doug has appeared on television and radio, and is a speaker at national and international conferences. His personal clients are executives, managers and business development professionals throughout North America, Europe, Brazil and South Africa. They span over fifty different industries and cross the for-profit, non-profit and governmental sectors. In addition to his work on strategic planning and leadership development issues, he is known around the US as "The Sales Doctor" for his ability to diagnose missing elements of the sales process.

John F. Powers

John is a sales and market growth leader with three decades of sales and sales leadership experience and a strategic, vision-focused leadership mindset. 

Most recently John was the Director of Sales for a leading North American brand, responsible for a team of 40 employees in the companies highest volume market (NY Metro - $290M).

John’s transformational leadership style empowers people to thrive and succeed and believes that the impact a leader has on the team is reflected in the impact the team has on the business and how they influence customer success. He creates cultures where people are supported to push beyond their comfort zones to achieve professional and personal growth and are motivated to take pride in what they do because they are engaged from the beginning, recognized for the wins, and not allowed to let mistakes define them as a person.

Desi Tahiraj

Desi Tahiraj, with over 2 decades of professional experience, has certainly proven herself as an expert in many fields.  As a dynamic, results-driven leader, Desi has demonstrated success not only as a Transformational Coach and Success Principles Trainer but also as a HR Business Consultant, Leadership Development, International Speaker and Author of two books: “Fail Get Up & Never Give Up” and “Burnout – What’s Next?” She is recently selected as Top Transformational Coach of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession.

Her vision is for clients to establish a solid foundation of new mindset and persistent habits with energy and empathy. Desi has helped executives, CEO’s, staff resolve their doubts and fears and progressively experience life, work and relationships with new excitement and effectiveness.

Steven Paul

Steven Paul is a John Maxwell Certified Teacher, Trainer, Speaker, and Coach. Also, as a Certified DISC Trainer and Consultant with a J.D. from Seton Hall University School of Law, he has 39 years of experience teaching, training, consulting, and speaking. Applying these skills in venues public and private, for-profit and non-profit, and practicing law for 24 years, has given him insight and understanding in leadership, behavior styles, and teamwork to take businesses and professionals to the achievement of their next goals. Steven and his wife live in New Jersey and are the parents of two grown children. He is the president of Steven Paul Enterprises.

For more information contact Nina (Bachrach) Larson at 201.489-9454 x201 or

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