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Join us in our mission to provide human service and training programs to improve lives and strengthen communities. 

Bergen Volunteers is a "community center without walls," offering crucial programs for youth, seniors, and families. Our services transform lives by providing stability, promoting growth and independence, and building knowledge about resources available in our communities. 

Community Programs
Our community programs are at the heart of what we do. We offer a range of services that directly address the needs of youth, families, seniors, and all under-resourced individuals requiring additional support. Our programs cover an array of needs, including youth empowerment, senior care, family support, and professional development. Behind each of these programs is a team of passionate volunteers who generously contribute their time and skills, maximizing our impact. 
Service & Social Responsibility

We offer individuals and businesses unique networking and service opportunities. Through these connections, we foster collaborations and partnerships that promote vibrant communities. From volunteering to event sponsorship to programmatic support, we connect corporations to Bergen County's most urgent needs and provide solutions. 

Civic Engagement & Leadership Development

To educate people living or working in Bergen County about both the challenges and opportunities in our community, we created innovative civic engagement programs. Through these initiatives, we empower teens and adults to become effective leaders and advocates.

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Be a force for change when you volunteer your time and skills in one of our many impactful programs. 

Sign up today to discover the rewarding experience of giving back to others!

  • Help seniors age safely and with dignity with CHEER and CHORE

  • Advance youth literacy with Bergen READS

  • Support struggling students, caregivers, or seniors as a Mentor

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You have the power to transform lives and make a lasting impact in our community.


Explore how to maximize your charitable contributions and:

  • Support vital programs that address critical needs in our community

  • Foster a stronger, more connected society through volunteer-driven initiatives 

  • Create opportunities for personal growth and education 

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Partnerships with local organizations create thriving communities. 

Corporate Partnerships:

Address community needs with tailored initiatives that align with your company's giving goals while engaging employees.


Nonprofit Collaborations:

Strengthen your ability to serve those in need and gain access to valuable resources as an agency member. 


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