Skills-based volunteering is leverages the specialized education, talent or experience of individuals to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits to better meet the needs of the community. In today’s world where more is expected with fewer resources, volunteers with specific skills are in high demand. Volunteers can also use their skills-based projects for their own portfolio of work experiences.


Skill-based volunteerism includes:

  • Professionals (attorneys, chefs, teachers, health care providers, plumbers, electricians)
  • Skilled individuals for short, medium or long-term projects
  • Activities performed during working hours or on individual time
  • Projects that are planned in advance or spontaneous (such as disaster response)
  • Application of skills and talents, ranging from business to hobbies
  • Consulting on nonprofit management issues – in the office as well as “in the field”


With the right balance of opportunity and need, the financial impact that skills-based volunteering provides a nonprofit is invaluable. And the act of sharing highly sought after skills for social good is the essence of what it means to give back.


To learn more about Skills-Based Volunteering, either as a volunteer or as an agency seeking help, contact the Bergen Volunteer Center.








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