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Dear Friends:


The holiday season can be a joyous time for many people. However, for those living with illness, poverty or other hardships the holidays can be difficult.


How can you help? You can provide holiday cheer to

those in need through the 2017 All Wrapped Up Holiday Giving Program, including:


  • Adopt-a-Family: Families range in size from two people to large, extended families. If you adopt a family, we suggest that you purchase a supermarket gift certificate, an article of clothing for each member of the family and a toy or toys for the children. You should plan to spend approximately $50 per family member (but please note that this is only a guideline to help you plan - many donors spend far more and some do not spend as much.)


  • Heart to Heart: If your budget is small or you would like to concentrate your efforts on just one person, you have the option of "adopting" an individual through our Heart-to-Heart program. You may specify a child, adult, senior citizen or disabled individual. Requests for these individuals include food, clothing and gifts. Plan to spend approximately $50 for each individual that you "adopt."


  • Gift Card Donations: Many of the AWU recipients need assistance with food as well as gifts. We also do not always match all of the clients with a donor.  Individuals or families left at the end of the program will receive a gift card for the holidays.  Shoprite and Target gift cards are needed.


  • Cash Contribution: Many individuals and families need assistance with food and utility bills, and many parents would cherish the opportunity to purchase gifts for their children themselves. Your cash contribution will be used to purchase gift certificates or pay utility bills.



All families and individuals in the program have been referred to us by local non-profit and government agencies that have carefully screened them and confirmed the accuracy of their needs and requests.


If you wish to help either adopt a family or individual fill out our online form:


Click Here to Fill Out a Donor Form


If you wish to make a monetary donation to  ALL WRAPPED UP, CLICK HERE.



Once you have finished entering all of the information, click the "Submit Form" button on the bottom of the form. If you prefer, you can also print out the form and submit by fax or mail (see address and fax below). PLEASE SUBMIT INFORMATION BY ONE METHOD ONLY TO AVOID DUPLICATION.


Upon receipt of your form, we will contact you* by email with names and age of the individual or family members; a brief description of their circumstances; a wish list and/or gift ideas; and the name, address, phone and contact name at the referring agency. Upon receipt of the information, you should IMMEDIATELY contact the person at the referring agency to ask questions about the gift requests and to make arrangements to deliver the gifts to the agency.


PLEASE NOTE THAT GIFTS MUST NOT BE GIFT WRAPPED, unless otherwise noted on your forms.  GIFT WRAPPED GIFTS WILL BE OPENED AND PLACED IN GIFT BAGS. Gifts may be placed in a gift bag with a card and the family name on it.  Please do not put your address or other personal information on anything given to your match.  Agency reps will have your information for Thank You letters.


If you have questions about the All Wrapped Up program, please don't hesitate to contact me at 201-489-9454 x202 or




Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.


Debbie Emery, Director

Community Engagement




*Our goal is to respond to donors within 72 hours of receiving their sign-up form. If you have not received an email from us after one week, please call the office to confirm that we have received your form.



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