Mentoring Moms

Cindy Andrake, 201-489-9454, ext. 211
Program Director 

Mentoring Moms mentors make a difference
to mothers and their families.


What is Mentoring Moms?


Mentoring Moms is a program that trains and supervises volunteers to serve as mentors to overwhelmed mothers dealing with the challenges of life while raising a family. Mentors provide a caring, supportive outlet for the mothers as they try to make a good life for themselves and their families.

Who are the mentors?

Mentoring Moms mentors are caring women, over the age of 21, who understand how hard it is to raise children and want to make life a bit easier for another mom.

What do mentors do?  How can they help?

After completing the screening process and training, mentors are matched with mothers referred through the Division of Family Services or other community agencies.   Mentors commit to weekly contacts with the mothers for a one year period at mutually agreeable times. Whether it is chatting on the phone about an issue, meeting for coffee to discuss a challenge or accompanying the mom to a community agency, mentors provide support by being a presence in the mom’s life. Volunteer mentors are reimbursed up to $25 per month for expenses incurred on behalf of the mother they are mentoring.

Once matched, mentors help the moms establish short term life goals that she wants to work on.  In addition, mentors and moms are invited to a variety of workshops, support programs and activities that supplement the mentoring relationship.

What skills or training is needed to become a mentor?

All mentors are provided a provided a comprehensive 5 week training program which is offered three times per year in the fall, winter and spring.  Written references, as well as fingerprint, law enforcement, prosecutor and motor vehicle checks are required of all volunteers seeking to become mentors in the Volunteer Center mentoring programs. Mentors receive ongoing support from the Mentoring Moms staff and other volunteers.

We ask mentors to be open to sharing their time and knowledge with another mom. Most importantly we ask mentors to be good listeners.

Interested in becoming a Mentoring Moms volunteer?

Click here for an application.

 Mentoring Moms holds mentor training sessions every fall, winter and spring. Call 201-489-9454 to find out when the next session is scheduled.



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